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Continuous Integration

Continous Integration (CI) is a practice of checking code repositories (typically a few times a day) to test for changes which may cause failures.

CI can be integrated into either scientific programming workflows or into code development

The most popular CI tools are:

  • Travis CI - fast, easy to set up, cloud based
  • Circle CI - fast, easy to set up, cloud based
  • Jenkins - free, can be hosted internally (requires server), highly customizable (plugins)

When to use CI?

  • building or hosting services to a community
  • developing versioned copies of containers for public consumption
  • DevOps + Data Science

Travis CI


Circle CI



Jenkins is a bit harder to set up because you need a dedicated server



Status badges can be embedded in a Badges let you show the state of code or documentation.

You can view a diverse list of different badges on

Different Badge Styles

Now you can pass the style GET argument, to get custom styled badges same as you would for If no argument is passed, flat is used as default.

flat Flat Badge
flat-square Flat-Square Badge
for-the-badge Badge
plastic Plastic Badge
social Social Badge

Self paced

Circle vs Jenkins vs Travis

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